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Thai Shiatsu Body Work

Thai-Shiatsu Body work is a combination of the ancient wisdom of both Thai Yoga Body work and Shiatsu. It blends the practices of both traditions to create a deeply relaxing and restorative modality that works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels to sooth and release tension in the body.

Thai Shiatsu bodywork has roots in the monastic community that formed around the Buddha approximately 2,000 years ago. It incorporates traditional Indian (Ayurvedic) and Chinese medical wisdom. Using meditative breathing to guide the motion, the client is gently moved through a sequence of yoga-based stretches. Using hands, thumbs elbows, knees, and feet in rhythmical, relaxing sequence, the practitioner moves energy by working the meridians. 

Shiatsu, literally meaning “finger Pressure”, is a Japanese healing art that uses meridians and pressure points to release pain and holding patterns and equalize energetic imbalances of abundance and depletion. It is based on the same meridian system as Chinese acupuncture. By working to lubricate and open the joints, lengthen and create space in the muscles, this modality increases the flow of energy which brings balance to the body. The results of this work can include: improved flexibility, increased blood and lymph flow, increased vitality, relief from pain, emotional release, and a deep sense of relaxation. Thai-Shiatsu endeavors to be a nourishing form of touch which allows the recipient to be exactly as s/he is in the moment.  This alone can provide a powerful space for deep transformation.

Done on a mat on the floor, while clothed, this modality is very gentle, though it can be deep, and non-invasive. It can be modified for any size, shape and level of flexibility.  

This type of Body Work is based on 4 basic principals:

Breathe - the breath is our connection to ourselves and to the universe. It also nourishes our bodies. By following the breath we can go into states of deep relation and release which allows for profound physical and emotional healing.
Relax - Relaxation is vital to reversing the affects of stress on the body. Many of our health problems and lots of pain in the body is the result of stress.
Watch - Often we are quick to react to things without allowing them to be. Pain and dis-ease are the body’s methods of communication. By watching the body’s reaction we can gain a deeper relationship with our bodies and thus find a more harmonious and peaceful way of life.
Allow - Sometimes it is most helpful to simply allow something to be, beyond judgment or the need to fix and change. The body already knows how to heal itself and often can if we simply allow it to do its thing.

Jess Robie is the only body work professional who I let touch my back as I have a slipped disk, multiple protruding disks and a double curvature of the spine and she never fails to leave me feeling like the Bionic Woman! - Kerry, Writer

Jess listens with creativity and caring. I love to receive Jess's Thai-Shiatu!!!! I can't recommend her enough. - Barbara, Retired 

Jess Robie has magic hands an understanding heart with the ability to listen and heal both mind and body. For me she is a gift that I will always be thankful for, Jess has my highest recommendation. - Anita, Owner of a Performing Arts Center 

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