Jess Robie
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About Jess Robie

Jess RobieWhen I graduated college, if you asked me what I wanted to do, I would have told you all I knew is that I wanted to help people. Discovering what that means has been a life long journey through many relationships, volunteer and job experiences. I have been a child care provider, a housekeeper, a camp counselor, a health educator, youth group facilitator, case manager, administrator and now, energy and body worker. What I have learned by working to help people through multiple modalities is that while no one can actually help anyone else, no one can help themselves without support.  I now deeply believe that the most helpful thing I can do in any role is to support people as they become ready and willing to transform the circumstances of their life – whether that is health, emotional, career, finances, relationship status, etc. My role as an energy and body worker is to create a physical, psychic and energetic space where my clients feel supported on multiple levels so that transformation can happen.

From my background in counseling and case management I bring an understanding of the importance of non-judgmental listening and strict confidentiality to my work. From my many years of working with young people I have experienced that we are all looking for affirmation of who we are in this moment. I do not believe anyone needs to be fixed, only supported to accept fully who we are.

I am certified in Thai-Shiatsu Body Work, zen shiatsu, Matrix Energetics, and Reiki. I supplement this work with basic knowledge of many other modalities including yoga, herbs, health kinesiology, homeopathy, yuen, essential oils and aroma therapy, and reflexology. I am also a long time peer counselor and continue my work with at people in poverty and at risk.

Because I believe learning is a part of growing I continue to deepen my knowledge and practice of these body work techniques. I am currently in nursing school.  By incorporating my many different skills, I hope to offer a deeply relaxing experience that can help address a variety of challenges or opportunities in your life.

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